Science and Technology Museum of Iran (Tehran Province)

Science and Technology Museum of Iran (Tehran Province)


Science and Technology Museum of Iran (Tehran Province)

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Science and Technology Museum is a different museum established in 1389 AH in Tehran. Its activity is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and its main goal is the reconstructing and introducing the scientific achievements of Iran from pre-Islamic era to the present and displaying the theoretical frameworks of the contemporary knowledge in the world. 

Among the main activities of the Science and Technology Museum, holding various educational courses such as making robots, astrology, Nanoscience, organizing scientific trips by experienced experts and holding scientific conventions, publishing the newsletter, registering the research and international conferences must be referred.

The museum is also promoting science between the students through holding mobile exhibitions in Tehran and other cities of Iran; it aims to pave the path for practical knowledge and transferring concepts. It has two main galleries: 1. Science Gallery where the different branches of the basic sciences and fundamental concepts are exhibited to the visitor by interactive machines and interesting experiments; Optic and laser, mechanic, electricity and electromagnetic are among the concepts that have been taught to the visitors through the educational films in order to introduce the world’s wonders and the prominent scientists like Archimedes, Newton and Einstein; 2. Local Technologies Galley where the technologies invented in Iran are on display in form of a replica similar to the real one that indicate Iranian people used the natural energies such as the Asbad structures (that are the oldest windmills on the vertical axis), mill, windward, natural icehouses, astrological instruments of Maragha observatory, the masterpiece of the great scientist, Khwaja Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, simple machines, Meyar ol-Oghul book and many more all showing the evolution process of Iran knowledge and science from the past to the present.

In addition to these two main galleries, other active parts of the museum include the gallery of From Morse to Mobile, gallery of Surgical Instruments, gallery of New Energies, gallery of the Ancient Astrological Instruments and Light gallery. Science and Technology Museum of Iran is located in Imam Khomeini street in the former place of National Library of Iran, in 30 Tir street near the National Museum of Iran.

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