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Mojen Waterfall

Mojen Waterfall


Mojen Waterfall

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Shahroud is one of the most beautiful cities in Semnan Province. From mountains and deserts to forests and waterfalls, you can plan to visit a diverse group of natural tourism attractions when traveling there. Mojen Waterfall or Dastan Gorge is one of the natural features of Shahroud County. It is located close to a small city with the same name. Mojen Waterfall is formed in the middle of a valley in a gorge called Dastanm between two huge rocks. The flow of water between the walls of the gorge has added to the beauty of this not much high waterfall. After falling down, the water enters to Mojen River. It is a river as long as twenty-five kilometers, and its level varies during different seasons of the year.

You should walk through water for a short time to reach the waterfall. A short walk in cool and clear water will take you to Mojen Waterfall.

If you decide to travel to this site, you should first go to the city of Mojen, located thirty-five kilometers of Shahrud. It is built in a rather vast valley between two rivers. Local people of Mojen are mostly farmers, gardeners, and ranchmen, and the production of this city is mostly potatoes, wheat and fruits like cherry and plum.

 The distance between the city of Mojen and the waterfall is about ten kilometers. A dirt road leads to the waterfall. You may not enjoy the traveling it, but the clay cottages, sky-high Cottonwood trees, and green farms can be seen all around and make this ride more joyful. The road ends in a parking area, and after a short walk from there, you can see the waterfall in front of you.

The city of Mojen has been built in a mountain area and has cold weather during autumn and winter. The local people usually face heavy snow and freezing winds. But the weather during the first half of a year is quite pleasant and is in no way similar to those of the deserts in its neighborhood. That is why it is best to travel to Mojen Waterfall at the end of spring and summer.

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