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Miniature Garden Museum

Miniature Garden Museum

Scattered Clouds

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It is not easy to find an Iranian garden in the city, but there are some in Tehran which have Iranian design; a park-like Miniature Garden Museum. The interesting feature in this garden is that in addition to walking in this park, you can also visit valuable historical monuments in a tiny size.

This museum is located in West Janbazan Street or Golbarg, in the corner of Imam Ali freeway and Tamaddon Park. You can go there by metro and also, by BRT bus line five.

Miniature Garden Museum begins its activity in 1392 SH with three hectares area. It aims to present the historical monuments which are world widely reputed. You can visit the photo of these pieces in the gallery of the museum. It took two years to make these models by 3-D mapping with remarkable details.

There are twelve models here which should be travel to all regions in Iran to visit them. These are one twenty-five smaller than the real ones. The geographical direction of each model is as same as the real one and even, the vegetation was considered around each of them.

The biggest adobe monument in the world, Arg-e Bam is one of the most attractive pieces in this museum. If you travel to Fars province to visit Takht-e Jamshid, you can cross the columns and what remains from their capitals and walk inside the area where Darrius was governor in the long past. But its model in this museum gives you the chance to see the whole view of the castle. Another example is the dome of Soltaniyeh located forty-five kilometers of Zanjan. It was the capital of Ilkhanid in the past and the tomb of Sultan Uljeitu is there. Its dome is the third biggest in the world and you can visit its model here.

The relief of winged man in Pasargadae is located inside the area of Cyrus’ tomb and its model exists in this museum. Pasargad is another construction that it's model located here. It is the tomb of Cyrus that covers twenty square meters and the details around are depicted. Chogha Zanbil, Takht-e Soleymān, and Gonbad-e Qabus are some other models.

After visiting the model, you can walk in the park. There are different trees such as plane trees, maples, Jasmin, oak, and magnolia.

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