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Abbasi House in Kashan

Abbasi House in Kashan


Abbasi House in Kashan

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It is probably difficult to know which element in desert architecture is to this extent fascinating and eye-catching, however, it can be said with certainty that all these buildings have a feature in common: being wonderful! A wonder that is beyond the architectural styles and techniques.There are many samples of these amazing buildings in the historical city of Kashan, however, Abbasi House is a unique case with an atmosphere full of beauty and calm that is a combination of idea, love, art, inspiration, perplexity and taste.

All parts of the house have been decorated with motifs which lead you directly to the heart of the building, to a place you recognize the intention of the creator of these motifs without any attempt. All things have been symmetrically designed here. The width of rooms and the abundance of windows and skylights seem to depict the desert human’s dream for having a thriving life without any worries.

7000 square meter area of the building is roofed constructed in five stories, various rooms, alcoves and porches, separated spaces for living residents and guests in different seasons.

There are five yards with pools full of Qanat water, symmetrical gardens, desert flowers and plants and well-designed porches in the house.

The masterpieces of stucco, miniature, arches and vertical Muqarnas along with the colored windows in all parts of the house are extremely admirable.

The spirit of Islamic architecture led the creators to build roofed and decent rooms. Two separated door knockers for men and women at the entrance simply shows this feature. The existence of two inner and outer parts inside the building and interconnected rooms with separated sections for men and women and walls around the roof that protected the interior from outside all indicate the Persian- Islamic architecture of Qajar period. 

Abbasi House was built in 13th century AH by the order of one of the merchants of Kashan namely Haj Mohammad Ibrahim and inscribed on the list of Iran National Heritages in 1377 SH.

The house is located in the district of Sultan Amir Ahmad where the traditional restaurant can make an unforgettable memory for all visitors.

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