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Tabatabai House

Tabatabai House

Tabatabai House

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The historical mansions of Kashan city are the most famous monuments of Iran. The mansions located in the historical context of Kashan, buildings for all the tourism tastes, especially in spring when the countryside inhabitants start Golabgiri festival to make Rosewater. 
Tabatabai House located in Soltan Amir Ahmad alley near a tomb with the same name. the mansion was built during 1834-1839 by the command of Haj Sayyed Jafar Tabatabai Natanzi who was a carpet merchant. The architect was Ali Maryam. Ali Maryam was the architect of Borujerdi House and Amin-Al-Dowleh Plaza. The master of laceworks was one of the students of Mirza Abolhasan Sani’e-Al-Molk Ghafari Kashani. Sani’e-Al-Molk was the court painter of Qajar King Naser-Al-Din Shah. 
Tabatabai House is about 4730 square meters with 5 doorways, 4 courtyards, 40 rooms in whole, 4 subbasements, 2 subcellars, 3 windcatchers and some small gardens with pomegranate and fig trees. Dowlat Abadi and Nasr Abadi Qanats are the main water supplies of the mansion. After the entrance, there’s a main archway and a vestibule shifting to the rectangular courtyard which is built by marble with a font and six gardens in. Around the courtyard there are some spaces such as an alcove, seasonal Biruni rooms, Zenana porch and Zenana itself.  
Tabatabai House Zenana is a wide porch with two columned Ivancheh (small Porches) and two vestibules beside.  On the axis of this section, there is a Panjdari (5 windowed) Zenana, too. 
The main alcove of the mansion is a room with a wide porch, mirror house, some squinched room, Haftdar (seven windowed room) and a tall canopy with Ayna Kari (is a kind of interior decoration made by Iranian artists for the first time by putting small pieces of mirror together in geometric forms or in forms of flowers and shrubs), cornice, lightwells, miniatures and Moqarnas decorations. Both sides of main alcove reach to two small courtyards that are the same as vestibules with octagonal fonts. 
If you are going to travel to Kashan the historical mansions must be the first monuments to visit. Some of these mansions have converted to hotels, so you even stay there for many days and nights to feel the mood of Persian houses. 

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