Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

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If you are interested in modern art and you can not afford to travel to the famous museums around the world, here is a special offer for you in Tehran. Tehran Contemporary Art Museum is one of the richest art museums of Iran which had been, in its original form and period of collecting, an exemplary across the world and it still has a lot to say. 

Tehran Contemporary Art Museum is placed in North Kargar Street, in the western side of Laleh Park. Besides its spectacular and artistic architecture, the museum has always been the owner of a lot of art masterpieces. Dozens of temporary exhibitions have been held in its galleries and art lovers always find an excuse to visit this museum. 

Tehran Contemporary Art Museum was established in 1977. Inspired by the architectural style of Kavir, it is considered to be one of the unique architectural designs in Iran. The museum encompasses an area of nearly five thousand square meters. There is a garden next to the museum where a couple of precious statues are on display in an area of three thousand and five hundred square meters in total. 

The traditional elements in Persian architecture have been applied in the construction of this building like Hashti (corridor), passage and Chahr Sou. With all these, you are not supposed to encounter a traditional building but a modern approach is sitting behind its plan. Entering the building and passing through the Hashti, you will lead to the galleries through a spiral ramp with a gentle slope. The museum contains nine galleries in six galleries of which the temporary exhibitions are held. 

There is no other museum in Asia with such a complete collection of masterpieces created by great artists from across the world especially abstract expressionism artists. 

Most of the paintings in the museum collection belongs to 1970s. Among the unique artworks in this collection, we must mention Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Andy Warhol and Paul Gauguin’s works. It was in 2005 when a great collection of the museum masterpieces was put on public display after a while. 

You can rest in café – restaurant of museum after your visit. The museum also includes the collection of photography, cinematic and library. There are a lot of valuable sculptures in the statue-garden of museum you can watch from a distance. 

Exiting the museum, you will reach Carpet Museum, located in Fatemi Street, after ten minutes of walking through the heart of Laleh Park. There are 150 carpets in the permanent exhibition of this museum you can visit every day except for Mondays. The architecture of this one is also spectacular. After visiting the museum, it is suggested to enjoy the inimitable nature of Laleh Park. 

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