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From the Rural Museum of Gilan to the Staircase Houses of Masuleh

From the Rural Museum of Gilan to the Staircase Houses of Masuleh

Saravan, Fuman, Masuleh


Day 1

Autumn starts and the unbearable warm in the north cities is finished! Autumn is the best season for enjoying the best weather in north provinces of Iran.

This travel starts from Gilan province. The museum of Rural Heritage of Gilan between the mass forest of Saravan is the first recommendation for this trip. This museum is placed along the road of Roudbar to Rasht, in the end of Qazvin-Rasht highway.

Simulation of the traditional life of Gilan people in two part of Bie Pas and Bie Pish in the center of a beautiful and fresh nature that is along with the spectacular colors in autumn leads you to tens of years ago and the village atmosphere. Now you are in the most beautiful and complete museum of rural heritage in Iran and if you travel in the holidays or weekends, cooking local bread and food and playing local music will be a part of your visit.

You need a complete day if you want to see the whole museum of rural heritage. If you can leave the museum before sunset, the next suggested destination is a small lake near the museum that is called saqalaksar.

موزه میراث روستاییموزه میراث روستایی

In order to reach this artificial lake, that is in fact a lake formed behind a dam, you have to proceed the road of Saravan to Fuman, pass through the Medicinal Science University of Gilan to the road of Jirdeh. The best address for this road is the sign of Agha Sayed Sharif from which you enter the road through a U-turn. Turn left in the first two ways after the sign and right in the next and finally proceed the sign of the lake that leads you to the left.

The mass plant coverage around the lake and abundant trees have made a spectacular landscape. Meanwhile, a few trees coming out of the water attract your attention.

If you are interested in camping in nature and have the sufficient possibilities to do so, you can spend the night around the lake, otherwise, the best place for a night stay in the beautiful city of Fuman.

If you choose the first option, be careful and hold your tent only in places that have been previously used for that to minimize damage to the nature of the area and its vegetation. There are WC and a supermarket next to the lake that can be used for buying necessary goods.


Day 2

Fuman is famous as the city of sculptures and off course the muffins. After an excursion in the city and having Gilan tea with Fuman muffins as the breakfast, leave it for Hezar Pa castle or Rudkhan castle (Qale Rudkhan). It is less than one hour from Fuman to Gale Rudkhan and the route is beautiful and mountainous.

There are many tourism facilities in the region of Gale Rudkhan and you can easily plan to visit it. The only barrier is so many stairs that make reaching the castle difficult for the children and elders and people with disabilities.

In addition, the stairs become slippery in rainy days that are common during autumns and it is needed to walk carefully.

After launch in the local restaurants with Gilak foods near Gale Rudkhan, return the route toward Fuman and proceed the sign of Masuleh this time. It is about two hours to Masuleh.  


Masuleh was once a small village that was formed in the heart of a mountain, however, it is now a busy city and a tourism attraction. In so far as Masuleh is mentioned in the famous Lonely Planet book that is the universal tourists’ guide as a place that you must see in Iran.


You have this amazing opportunity to stay one night in one of the stair houses and walk in the picturesque alleyways of Masuleh, Watch the people who pass through your house’s yard! The yard that has been designed to be the roof of the lower house.


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