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A jaunt in the city of dome and soap

A jaunt in the city of dome and soap

East Azerbaijan

Maybe you’ve heard the name of Maragheh soap, a yellow square soap which was a best seller. One of the first soap factories of Iran and its product is known by the name of city.

But Maragheh is not famous for the soap only. It also contains many attractions invite you during summer.

Maragheh is located in East Azerbaijan and south of Tabriz. It’s about 140 kilometers from Tabriz to Maragheh. It takes 2 hours to arrive Maragheh. The distance of Maragheh from Tehran is about 400 kilometers. To reach to the capital city of Ilkhanate from Tehran, it is not needed to cross Tabriz. In Tabriz-Zanjan Highway, before Hashtrud, there is a sign which is leading a route to west to Maragheh.

Another way to reach Maragheh is train. Maragheh Train Station is one of the attractions, the old building of station and its atmosphere makes you remind the movies of WWII.

Sufi Chay which crosses through the city is another attractive attractions for local people and the visitors. Flying of different birds beside the river makes a pleasant atmosphere which links you to the pretty nature in the heart of city.

Maragheh also has many historical attractions. The most famous of them are Red Domes, Round Dome (Round Tower), Blue Dome and Qafariyeh Dome located beside Sufi Chay River in a park with the same name.

Approximately most of these attractions are located near each other and free to visit. You can visit them in a good plan by foot.

Khajeh Nasir-al-Din Toosi, famous Persian scholar build the observatory of Maragheh on the top of a mountain. The ruins of this observatory which is built in 13th century remains on the mountain. It was one of the professional observatories of the world. A white dome is constructed recently on it which is obvious from all the corners of city.

Outskirt of the city there are Mithra Temple and The Fossil Site, the significant attractions both historical and natural. Mithra Temple is one of the rare remains of Mithraism in Iran. It’s located in Varjavi village in south of Maragheh and 6 kilometers far from train station. The Fossil Site is one of the unique natural attractions of Iran. Visiting The Fossil Site is high recommended. This site is located 30 kilometers far from Maragheh, near Qartavol and Shalilvand villages.

Saint Thomas Monastery, Wooden Mosques, Taaq Mosque and Ilkhanate Museum are the other attractions of the city. Most of the historical attractions of Maragheh belong to Ilkhanate dynasty, Maragheh was the capital of Ilkhanate dynasty.

Don’t forget to taste walnut Baseqloo, dried goods and Koofteh Maragheyi.

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