Naqsh-e Rostam

Hanging around the Sassanid Territory
From Bandar Abbas to Bandar-e Bushehr

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

1st Day

The travel will start from Bandar Abbas. You can spend all day long in the city and leave for Lar tomorrow. The distance between two cities is less than 300 km. You can see on this way Hormod (protected area), and villages as Gachin-e Bala, Khur-e Kenari and Sheikhabad.

You will arrive at Lar in the afternoon and have a chance for hanging around the city during night. The abundant water storages and palm trees are the main features of this city. You can pay a visit to Dragon-like Castle in the western part of the city. The Tomb of Nader’s Mother and Gheysarieh Bazaar should also be mentioned.

قلعه اژدها پیکر

2nd Day

It is suggested that you go on your journey to Jahrom on the next day morning. After two hours driving you will arrive at Jahrom where you can meet palm trees, closed Zandieh Bazaar, Pir-e Shabib Gate, Khan Mosque and School, Shafagh Cave, Ghadamgah Fire Temple, Ghotbabad Foursquare, and Tal Castle.

مدرسه خان جهرم


3rd Day

The third day of journey is the day of discovery of Sassanid cities and Castles. Therefore, go to Sarvestan and visit the Sassanid Palace. Also, interesting in this city is Tang-e Ghashgheh, Tang-e Ghanibi, Maharlou Lake.  After visiting Maharlou Lake you can proceed toward the south in order to see the Sassanid City, firouzabad.

کاخ ساسانی سروستان

دریاچه مهار


4th Day

The excursion will start among the Sassanid universal heritages in Fars at the beginning of the fourth day. Firouzabad is one of the main centers of Pre-Islamic Period in Iran where you can visit Ardeshir Papakan Palace, Qal’eh Dokhtar, the historic city of Gur and the rock relief of Coronation of Ardeshir.


مناره شهر گور

5th Day

It is suggested that you dedicate a complete day to visit Firouzabad and leave for the sea and Bandar-e Bushehr on tomorrow early morning. It is better to see Bandar-e Siraf in the last day and walk across the ancient cities of Reyshahr and Siniz in Bandar-e Deylam. In addition, the House of Rais Ali Delvari in Bushehr is a highly interesting destination for history-lovers.  

بندر سیر


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