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Golabgiri through the countryside of Kashan

Golabgiri through the countryside of Kashan

Golabgiri through the countryside of Kashan


Spring, specifically May, is the time of Golabgiri (making rose water). The most famous destination of Golabgiri in the center of Iran is Kashan and its tracts of countryside.
However, Golabgiri is a motive to take a tour of Kashan and the surrounding villages. In this article, we intend to explore Kashan and its Yaylaks (the tracts of the countryside that you go to in the summer).
Although Qamsar rosewater is world-famous for a long time, other villages in Kashan produce Damask rose. These villages also make rose water or send flowers to Qamsar.
If you are on the way to Kashan from the north of Iran, you should first pass through Tehran and Qom. Before reaching the ring road of Kashan, you will see the Niasar signboard. Niasar also has a Golabgiri event. Flower picking has started from the vast Damask rose gardens of Niasar. There are Rosewater Extraction Machines, an aspect of ancient local tradition, in some of these gardens.
In the center of Niasar, after visiting Niasar Waterfall and Raeis Cave, you can become acquainted with the production of rosewater and other herbal distillate. The view of Niasar city from the top of the waterfall is very spectacular. Do not forget to visit the fir temple while you are in Niasar. 
On the way back from Niasar, drop by the Barzok village. This village is situated in a protected area adjacent to Ghamsar and Barzok. Not only does it enjoy the natural view and flora and fauna, but it has spectacular old content and comfortable eco-lodges for overnight stays. Moreover, the Golabgiri event is held in Barzok Village. The historical houses of Zakrivaran and Rohani are the attractions of Barzok.
After visiting Barzok, come back to the main road. On this road, after passing through Kashan, the Qamsar signboard can guide you to the most famous rosewater center in the region. Pay attention to this point that Qamsar hosts thousands of tourists in May. You would face heavy traffic and congestion during this period. Hence, arrive in Qamsar early in the morning and explore it in leisure.
After visiting the Golabgiri event, exploring Kashan could be the best option. You can set off from Fin Garden, registered in a World Heritage Sites List of UNESCO. Historical houses, the scenic context of the city, and the Bazaar of Kashan are the main attractions to visit on non-holiday days.
If you stay more than a day, you may go to Natanz or Abyaneh on the slopes of Karkas mountain and complete this journey.

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