With the train whistle on the twisted railways in Alborz

With the train whistle on the twisted railways in Alborz

Tehran, Mazandaran


Iran is known as a 4 season country. Without any doubt the climate diversity is the main supremacy of Iran in tourism and potentially of natural attractions. We have an opportunity in Iran to cross a mountain, visit a jungle and reach to a beach in few hours and experience a wonderful adventure. Now attach a vehicle to this adventure, a train.

Northern railways give you this opportunity to be prepared for a two-day eco-trip.

The trip begins from Capital, Tehran, and ends in Caspian Sea. You ought to go to train Station in Tehran. There are some trains to northern cities; Firoozkooh, Polsefid, Sari and Gorgan, daily, but it’s better to book Tehran-Sari bus-train which depart from Tehran early morning. It’s important to book a train which proceed the route in daytime, because all the landscapes are worth to see.

The train cross Tehran’s suburb early morning and enters two famous fields, Simindasht (Silver Plain) and Zarindasht (Golden Plain), there are strange landforms in these fields, colorful streaks which are formed by erosion next to the orchards, and the first station is here Bonekooh.

In a pretty valley which is called Kabootar (Pigeon), a train station is located with the same name. You are not arrived Firoozkooh yet that Mahabad Station makes you surprised. It’s time to say there is a city with the same name in West Azerbaijan Province, there is no coincidence in appellation. After crossing Firoozkooh Station, you enter wild areas of Alborz Mountains. Espahbod Khorshid Cave is around here into the heart of granite rocks. 

Construction of this railway into the hearth of Alborz Mountains was one of the significant turning points in contemporary history of Iran. Here, you are exactly into the depth of modern history of Iran. This historical trip has a significant point, crossing Veresk Bridge and a break in Veresk Station. The station building preserves all the signs of first period of modernization in Iran.

By crossing Gadook defile and Khattala, you will enter Savadkooh region. The most significant station of Savadkooh region is Polsefid. By crossing Polsefid Station you feel humid weather gradually. Vegetation gets more green till reaches to the forest areas.

This railway spread to Gorgan but your last station is Sari. Forasmuch as Sari is the capital city of Mazandaran Province, there are many hotels and hostels to stay a night there. Our recommendation is to book a room before depart to Sari.


Day 2

It’s about 30 kilometers from Sari Train Station to Caspian Sea. The beach is called Khazarabad with the monuments of Safavid era. Abbasi Palace, Public Bath and a mosque are the historical attractions of Khazarabad.

You can take Sari-Tehran night bus-train to back to Tehran and arrive in Tehran early morning.

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