Semnan Province


Semnan Province


Semnan Province (Persian: استان سمنان, [Semnān]) is located in the northern parts of Iran and stretches along the Alborz mountain range and borders to Dasht-e-Kavir desert in its southern parts. The city of Semnan is its capital. The province is divided into two parts: a mountainous region and the plains at the foothill of the mountains. The southern parts of the province are hot and dry and have favorable climate only for half of the year. A starry sky, absolute silence, unique sceneries, alluring mirages, etc. are some of the attractions of the desert. The local people of this province are ethnic Persians and speak Persian language.

Namak Darreh Spring

This mineral spring is located 6 km south of Sorkheh town near Babatak village. The water flows underneath the salt domes, hence it is very salty. Water of this spring is believed to have positive effects on joints pain and back-aches.

Masjed-e Tārīkhāneh

The historical structure in Dāmghān dates back to Islamic era dating back to 7th century C.E. During the Sassanid era (224-651), the building was a Zoroastrian temple but later it was turned into a mosque. The importance of this structure is the combination of Islamic and Sassanid Persian architectures.

Mehmāndūst Tower

This tower is located at 20 km distance from the north east of the city of Dāmghān near Imam Abad village. The internal diameter of this tower is 7.92 meters and has a height of 12 meters. This is a brick tower and dates back to King Sanjar of the Seljuk dynasty in 11th century CE.

Darvāzeh Arg-e Semnān (Arg-e Semnān Gate)

This is a Qajar structure dating back to the 18th century C.E. The structure is 7 meters high and consists of a northern gate and governmental division. The battle of legendary hero Rostam and Div-e Sepīd (White Devil) is illustrated by the seven- colored tile work.

Yakhdān-e Shamsābād 

Yakhdan or ice-reservoir is a cylindrical structure with a dome on top, made of mud and clay which keeps water cool during hot summer seasons.

Bāīazīd Bastāmī’s Tomb 

The tomb of Bāīazīd Bastāmī, an Iranian poet and mystic is located in the town of Bastām. He was one of the founders of Sufism. There is one iron window in this structure. On the marble grave stone, the words of Imam Ali's worshipping prayers have been carved.

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