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Ramsar which is known as the most beautiful city in the north of Iran, is located on the Chalus-Rasht road, in the west of Mazandaran province at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level. This city is bounded by the Caspian Sea from the north, Alborz mountain range from the south, Tonekabon city from the east and Gilan province (Rudsar city) from the west. The climate of Ramsar is hot and humid in summer and mild in winter.

Ramsar county has a "central" section, two cities "Ramsar" and "Katalam" and four villages "Chehel Shahid", "Sakht Sar", "Janat Rudbar" and "Eshkor".

Ramsar is one of the rainy and old cities of Mazandaran province, which was called Sakht Sar in the past. Ramsar contains unique natural, historical and recreational attractions; so that it is considered as a tourist destination. The shortest distance between the mountains and Caspian Sea coast (one of the most prominent attractions of the city), forest parks, hot mineral water spa, waterfalls, caves, springs, lakes, historical monuments, rich culture, Various handicrafts (mat weaving, pottery, basket weaving, wooden, sculptures, etc.), the airport, accommodation, hospitality and entertainment centers make this city as a significant hub in the tourism industry.

The old Ramsar Hotel, Safarood Forest Park, Javaherdeh village, Mardkuh castle and the museum palace (Caspian Spectacle Museum) can be named as tourism attractions but a few.

Another fantastic attraction of Ramsar is Ramsar Cable Car connects beach to mountain forest. This specific feature makes this cable unique in Iran.

Moreover, most people in the world know the name Ramsar thanks to the Ramsar convention. The Ramsar Convention is an international agreement in which member states study and support the world's most important wetlands, especially those inhabited by waterfowl.

In addition to occupations in the tourism industry, agriculture and cultivation of products such as rice, citrus and tea are among the most lucrative occupations in this region. The residents of Ramsar speak Gilaki who are mostly Muslim and Shia. People with Zoroastrian, Christian and other religions also live in this area.

Best Time to Visit: Spring and Fall

Best Attractions: Javaher-Deh Village, Ramsar Cable Car, Dalkhani Forrest, Ramsar Palace Museum




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