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Javaherdeh is a village in the heights of Mazandaran province, which is only 27 km away from Ramsar. In the cold months of the year, the village is almost uninhabited, but at the beginning of spring, in addition to the population living in this village, many tourists also visit it.

Javaherdeh village consists of 12 regions. Julakhil is the largest region in this village.

The people of Javaherdeh are engaged in Livestock farming, agriculture, and gardening. The production of handicrafts such as felt, pottery, and metalworking is also usual in the village. A variety of homemade pickles, women's hand-woven, and local bread are among the souvenirs of this village.

It is worth mentioning that the villagers still adhere to the ancient rituals and traditional and local ceremonies such as Golkar and Tir-mah Sizde-sho are held there. Also, the calendar of the locals is based on the Galician calendar.

In and around the village of Javaherdeh, there are several springs that supply drinking water to the village. These springs include "Soleymaan", "Barshi" and "Kouh Kin".

The only communication route between Javaherdeh leads to Ramsar and is also connected to Qazvin through the mountains, and some climbers reach this village through Alborz.

There are permanent and seasonal waterfalls around the Javaherdeh. Also, Safarood Forest Park is located at 9 km of Javaherdeh Road.

In addition to the natural attractions and landscapes of the village, Adineh Javaherdeh Mosque can be mentioned as a historical monument. Originally a temple and fire temple for pre-Islamic religions, including Zoroastrians and Mehr worshipers, the mosque was dedicated to a place of worship for the goddess Mitra. The mosque was built in the same place as the fire temple with mud and wood without columns in the style of the old architecture of the northern region in this place.

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