Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral


Vank Cathedral

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Vank cathedral or Amena Pergic, the largest and most beautiful cathedral in Isfahan’s Julfa, one of the historical Armenian cathedrals, was established in the Shah Abbas II  era in the lands of Zereshk garden in 1605; it was extended continuously during 50 years and finally reached to the current form.

The plan of the cathedral is rectangular and its direction is eastern-western. The interior of cathedral presents a sample of Armenian architecture and its exterior facade has been designed by use of Iranian architecture and it is a professional combination of two architectural styles.

The materials used in the building of Vank cathedral were brick and adobe and all the interior angles of cathedral covered by plaster and decorated by oil paint and gold in Iranian style and some images from Jesus (peace be upon him) life affected by Italian painting.

Belfry, in front of the main entrance of the cathedral has been constructed in Iranian style in the Shah Soltan Hossein era. This cathedral includes a dome, tall walls and high and beautiful roofs that is the Armenian vicarage of Iran and India.

There are the graves of Khachatur Kesaratsi (the father of publishing industry) and David (archbishop) in the yard of the cathedral. Museum, library and offices are the surrounding buildings of Vank cathedral.

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