Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex


Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex

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Known as the largest enclosed complex in Iran and anywhere around the world, Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex is, as a city block, the most important and completed social organization among Iran bazaars.

The complex includes different commercial, religious, cultural, health, sports, hygienic and residential functions; the complex including many houses for local and non-local traders is the masterpiece of Iranian architecture.

Architectural styles, arches, high domes, extensive variety of interconnected brick structures, shops order, inns and Timchehes, and different occupations have made this market an outstanding testimony to trading, exchange and Islamic and oriental life setting.

Bazaar elements have being named in many different ways: sometimes the profession, the name of founder, the location and market place,  the traders' home and  religion and the size and shape of place considered as the basis of naming.

The Tabriz bazaar complex is composed of different sections: orders, corridors, Sera (Khan), inn, Timcheh, Char Soo, Square, market, tomb, mosque, bath, school, Hussainia, gym, library, museum, ice house, and bridge.

The largest section is the dome of Amir Timcheh and the most beautiful one is Mozaffariyeh Timcheh.

The width of the market varies between four to five meters and its roof height is from five to six meters, which is shorter than the roof of markets in tropical regions.

As one of the most beautiful and largest interconnected markets, Tabriz Bazaar is an evidence for the originality of trade and architecture in the East.

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