Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge


Tabiat Bridge

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Tabiat Bridge, literally meaning nature bridge, a modern and beautifully structured bridge has become one of the symbols of Tehran during recent years. This unique bridge is built over Modarres highway and connects two of the most popular and large parks of Tehran, Ab o Atash Park, and Taleghani Park.

Tabiat Bridge has been designed in two stories. It is one of the largest non-vehicle-bridges that have been built in the Abbasabad fields during the contemporary history of Iran. Abbasabad fields belong to both districts No. 3 and No.6 of Tehran. A great part of them has been allocated to cultural and entertaining centers such as museums, museum gardens and libraries.

Tabiat Bridge is two hundred and seventy kilometers long. According to its builders, it has been designed to accommodate and support the visitors to prolong their visit of the bridge. That is why there are many benches as well as beautiful gardens and landscapes with modern designs all along the walkway of the bridge. In addition, there are many cafes and restaurants for the visitors to choose from, who enjoy the view of the highway during night time.

The bridge has two piers built on steps. The walkway has an arch designed in a way that the common perspective of the bridges can’t be seen, which gives a sense of security to the visitors.

It should be mentioned that the bridge was to build in an area with dense vegetation. Therefore, the designers decided to choose a section, where fewer plants existed, to build the piers in. The beginning and ending of the bridge are built in such a way that the least amount of damage was inflicted on the environment.

The bridge has two main stories, but a third one can be seen between its piers. All three stories are connected by stairs and steeped paths. The third story is usually used by those who want to spend more time on the bridge.

The second story is the path that connects two parks of Ab o Atash and Taleghani, and is the most crowded one. The bridge is mainly made of Steel, and the walkway has been covered with a layer of Resysta wood. This cover looks like wood tiles, but it is stronger and more durable than wood.

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