Sanandaj Bazaar

Sanandaj Bazaar


Sanandaj Bazaar

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In most of the historical and large cities of Iran, we can find old bazaars that had to be a place for business many years. Sanandaj is not an exception to the rule and its historical roofed bazar is one of the main tourism attractions of the city.

Sanandaj Bazar can be considered to be the main traditional bazaar in all Kurdistan province. Its construction dates back to approximately 400 years ago. This roofed bazaar was built in 1046 under the reign of Safavid kings; when Sanandaj was the capital of Ardalan rulers. In that time, Soleiman Khan Ardalan was the governor of Sanandaj, according to the Safavid King's decree. Sanandaj was then the capital city of Kurdistan state which was wider than the current area.

Many years later and because of building new streets and passages in the early Pahlavi period, Sanandaj Bazar was divided into two separated parts. currently, the southern section is named Asef and the northern one called Sanandaji.

The interesting point is the design method of the building; bazar has been considered as a large triangular that seems to be inspired by Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan. Several yards have been placed inside this large triangular.

Sanandaj bazaar had four entrances in the past from which three ones have remained today. This roofed bazaar is placed in the center of the city on two sides of Enqelab (the former Sirus) street.

In spite of constructing many new shopping centers in Sanandaj, old bazaar is still standing, playing its main role in the business of the city and people use it more than before. Different goods and services are offered in this bazar and most of the people in Sanandaj provide their required items from there. What added to the attraction of this place is the existence of stores related to traditional jobs like forging, goldsmithing and junk shop.

You should not miss the opportunity of visiting Sanandaj bazaar in your travel to Kurdistan, since you can not only shop here but also recognize the culture and ritual of the great tribe of Kurd in this bazar.

Old Sanandaj bazaar was inscribed on the list of national heritages of Iran in 1375 SH.

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