Negel Mosque and Quran

Negel Mosque and Quran


Negel Mosque and Quran

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Negel is a village located in 65km to Sanandaj and between Sanandaj and Marivan. Located in a valley from the south of which the Shoshtar River passes through, Negel village shares a border line with Hasanaali Mountain to the north, with Pol Charmo Mountain to the southeast, with Ghezhakan to the south, with Kani Charmo Valley and Kurah Mianeh to the northwest and with Kachul Valley to the southwest and it is restricted to Rasani Valley to the northeast. All people who live in this village speak in Kurdi language, Sorani dialect.

Negel Quran is a big Quran written by Kufic script on a thick, brown paper which is known as the “deer skin” because of its similarity with the skin.

Negel’s people attribute the writing of this Quran, which is related to 4th century A.H, to Othman ibn Affan, the third of the Rashidun.  The Quran is now kept in the central mosque of the village.

The story of Negel’s Quran is extremely interesting!  It is said that once upon a time, grazing the sheep in this region, a shepherd was attracted suddenly to a pretty flower. When he took the flower out of the ground, a hole was created and he saw a box. Since he was not able to bring out the box, he went to find help. People found a big Quran inside the box and thanks to this divine blessing, they established there a mosque named Nogol (which means a new flower or blossom) which has transformed into Negel over time.

Moreover, the Negel Museum was built in 1392 S.H. by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Kurdistan Province. Negel Museum includes two parts; the first one is Quran sector and the second one is ethnography museum embracing some ancient items.

All items in the museum have been provided by the local people including many livelihood or cultural items from 50 to 200 years ago. The museum objects include different things from jewelry to agricultural equipment and home furniture. Today, the museum has been located inside the main yard of the central mosque

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