Meybod Dovecote

Meybod Dovecote


Meybod Dovecote

Few Clouds

Dovecotes were built as a place to collect the pigeons and other bird manure for use in agriculture.

The pigeons manure had greatly used in the leather industry and gunpowder fabrication. Meybod dovecote tower is one of the historical monuments of Qajar era that has been built cylindrical. The tower is covered with hexagonal crenate dome and Qatar Bandi (stalactites in a straight line between the ceiling and walls of a room) of brick and plaster ornaments to prevent from entering snakes the tower.

In addition to the floor in the middle of the tower, some arches have been created between external and internal cylindrical arches to amplify the strength of building structure to vibration, when doves suddenly taking flying and decrease the height of the tower.

There are four small columns with the height of 1/5 meters like a leading sign on the roof.

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