Kalat Palace ( the Sun Palace)

Kalat Palace ( the Sun Palace)


Kalat Palace ( the Sun Palace)

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Kalat Palace known also as the Sun Palace, one of the most beautiful unfinished tower tomb, primarily was a mausoleum related to the Ilkhanid dynasty; the current building of this palace has been constructed on the remains of the old building in Afsharid era.

This palace among a large garden with the architecture method of Persian gardens has been built in three floors including two first floors with combination of Iranian and Indian architecture.

Sun Palace was the resident place and a place to keep the jewels and the spoils of war as the result of Nader Shah Afshar conquests now some parts of it has been turned into a museum.

Now, the mansion includes a basement consists of eight interconnected spaces around and a mausoleum on an octagonal platform, on four rows of stairs which are pyramid-shape, small Iwans, small rooms and entrances in eight sides leading to the main hall.

There is a cylindrical tower in the middle of the octagonal building, from the roof surface that was the residential place of the king and his family. The facade of the building made with brown stones, carved decorations on the outer walls such as pots with flower design. There are nonlocal tropical fruits, numerous birds with painting decorations, stucco and abundant gilding inside the palace. The battlements on an exterior facade are the most prominent decoration of this palace.

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