Hoz-e Soltan (Salt Lake)

Hoz-e Soltan (Salt Lake)


Hoz-e Soltan (Salt Lake)

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Hoz-e Soltan Lake was formed as the result of Tehran-Qom road construction in 1883.

This lake is located in the northeast of Qom and also known as Saveh-ye-Qom Lake and Shahi Lake.

 Alborz Mountain Range is located in the north of that beside the specific various and spectacular views is tourist sites of Qom province in different seasons and times. There is a levee inside the lake to prevent cars from sinking in the swamp and to utilize the salt marsh.

According to the input water and rainfall, the extent and the formation of the lake is constantly fluctuating in different seasons of the year.

The harvest of salt begins in the early of summer because of the high salt layer in the southern region of the lake. This lake was formed of two separated holes. The west holes are known as Hoz-e Soltan and the east in is Hoz-e Marre connected to each other by the stream.

At first, the Marre become full in high-water seasons then its extra water overflows into Hoz-e Soltan. Various rivers enter this lake most of which pass across the surrounding salt marshlands.

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