Qom Bazaar

Qom Bazaar


Qom Bazaar

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The traditional bazar of Qom is a part of the historical texture of this city. Bazar is today placed close to the Arabestan neighborhood, inside the historical texture of Azar street. Although the traditional texture of bazar has been slightly changed and separated as the new urban planning strategies, bazar has still maintained its urban position. This historical memorial has been inscribed on the index of Iran National Heritages from 1376 SH.

Bazar of Qom is a structure made of adobe, brick, clay and stone. This historical Persian bazar includes two roofed new and old lines with the height of approximately one kilometer covered with a dome that saved this building from cold and hot desert climate. Air circulation in this bazar is possible through some round windows on two sides, above the dome coverage. There are four half-vaults and seventy-eight dome vaults in bazar and the average height of both lines is about six meters.

Interesting among the lines of Qom bazar are Bannaha, Sadr-e Azam, Hamedaniha, Haj Asgar Khan, Haj Abbasqoli, Belitiha and Haj Mirza. Apart from these two roofed lines, Qom bazar also has some unroofed line that have been formed in result of being converted the surrounding caravanserais.

The part that is today called Old Bazar was established in Safavid period around the Jameh Mosque to which other structures were being added, until the end of Qajar dynasty. Bazar has different parts such as Mola Hossein, a square-form space named Old Square and a mosque with same name, or the name of Pamenar, along with a historical tower.

Qom bazar was extended in the middle of Qajar period, by the order of Naser al-Din Shah. This changed part is called New Bazar. Some structures like the Great Plaza (Timcheh Bozorg) were built on two sides of Bazar.  Timcheh Bozorg is a two-story structure in north side of Bazar built by Ostad Hassan Qomi, that was added to Qom bazar in 1263 SH. In the architecture of this historical memorial, that is fifteen meters high, twenty-eight meters long and has two entrances, some ornaments like lighting, Rasmibandi, Yazdibandi, Orosi, Brick work and plaster Mogharnas have been used.

It is said that the Great Plaza (Timche Bozorg) in Qom bazar has the largest barrel-vault roof in Iran. New Bazar was also being extended during Pahlavi period. Other parts of the New Bazar include Chaharsoogh, shoemakers’ bazar, three ways market, Hossein Abad market and coppersmiths’ market. Qaem, Hojjat and Bu Ali Sina malls are today placed inside New Bazar.

Mesgarha, Mola Jafar, Imam Hossein, Najjarha and Razavieh are the most important mosques in Bazar.

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