Gisoom Forests

Gisoom Forests


Gisoom Forests

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Gisoom is the name of a forest region with high and dense trees which placed along the wide sea to form one of the most pleasant and beautiful places near the Caspian Sea. This fascinating forest is located 18 kilometers to the road of Anzali-Talesh and that’s enough to proceed this path to suddenly see yourself in the heart of a dense and green corridor of intertwined tall trees. Trees are lovers here, hugging each other and making a green corridor where only the narrow lines of light can reach the earth through the tightened leaves of trees.  

Here is like a piece of paradise, the smell of trees and the humid earth are mixed and made a fascinating and amazing atmosphere. That’s enough to proceed to the depth of the forest and free yourself in the heart of the pristine nature of Gisoom, touch the spirit of trees and listen to the sound of birds to become full of the feeling of being. If you are lucky enough you can hear the sound of horses’ feet and face with a group of pretty horses that is like a photo from the heart of nature.

The region is one of the few jungle coasts of Iran where the jungle and sea meet each other to make one of the most astonishing Caspian Sea coasts. In order to reach this region, that’s enough to proceed the road of Anzali-Astara. The destination is located a little after Rezvanshahr and before Asalem. It is one of Parre Shahr’s environs. The landscape of Gisoom with fine sands, colorful shells, blue and playful waves is indeed breathtaking.

There are many recreational and residential amenities here. After passing through the jungle you reach the rural region of Gisoon that is placed along the coast and the rent of villa and suit is possible here, however, camping is also common among the tourists that need to be skillful and equipped. Provisions like buffet, restaurant and shop as well as the possibility of water sports like swimming and jet ski have been considered.

The region of Gale Rud Khan and Visadar waterfall are close to this area, therefore, you can include them in your travel plan, too. Gisoom region with high diversity of plants and animals is one of the most pristine regions in north of Iran. like other northern areas of Iran, Gisoom is highly beautiful in all seasons, but its beauties become redoubled during the spring and at the beginning of the autumn.

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