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Maragheh is located at 135 km south west of East Azarbaijan province, the east of Urmia Lake, on the south hillside of Sahand Mountain beside the Sufi Chay River in the 1477/7 meters above the sea level.

The climate of Maragheh is temperate disposed to cold and partly humid.

Maragheh consists of two parts naming as “Markazi”,”Sarajo”, two cities and 6 rural districts.

This city is one of the significant cities, the second big and populous city of the province after Tabriz and the second ancient city of Azarbaijan after Urmia.

Maragheh is one of the 10 premier cities of Iran with tourist attractions in terms of rich historical and cultural context, such as Maragheh observatory, Maragheh  Red Dome, blue dome and etc., and natural attractions such as pigeon cave, Alavian Dam lake, pinnacles and springs.

Maragheh is one of the significant agricultural centers in terms of its geographical situation. Major industrial and manufacturing activities in the city is producing the products such as raisins, dried fruit, honey, dairy, animal’s skin products, handicrafts, high quality silk carpet, huge industries such as Maragheh saponification, glass and etc.

This city enjoys a privilege situation regarding to its land roads, railways and airways. The people of Maragheh such as the other residents of Azarbaijan speak in Azari Turki. The religion of the vast majority of people in this city is Shia Muslim.

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