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Kaleybar is a city in East Azerbaijan province along with the Arasbaran forests. This city has a green nature and it is considered to be the countryside region of Qarehdagh nomads. Kaleybar was named Baz and Bazin in the past. For many years, Babak Khorramdin was fighting the ruler of that time, Al-Mu’tasim Abbasi, in this place. This city was a town till 1350s. 
The distance between Kaleybar and Tabriz is 193km and it is 770km far from Tehran. This city shares land borders with Tabriz to the southwest, with Ardabil to the southeast, with Ahar to the south and with Marand to the west. Two countries of Azerbaijan and Armenia are located in the north of Kaleybar. 
Kaleybar has two parts: Markazi and Abish Ahmad. The rural districts of Yaylak, Misheh Pareh and Peyghan Chayi and Mulan are in the Markazi district and Abish Ahmad, Kishlak and Seyyedan rural districts in Abish Ahmad district. 
Kaleybar is mountainous cold where has been changed into the countryside of Arasbaran and Mugan Plain nomads for the existence of abundant jungles and pastures. Summers are temperate and winters are snowy in Kaleybar. People here speak in Turkish. 
Qarehdaq mountain is a part of the geographical location of this region and many mountain climbers travel to this region with the purpose of climbing Gashtsar, Qazi Bulagh, shiuor, Sarpaq and Zinqalu peaks.
Arasbaran forests and Babak castle or Baz castle in five kilometers to the center of city, is the most famous attraction of Kaleybar. The forest park of Makidi, Peygham castle near a village with the same name, Qahqaheh castle in Qarluja and hot water spring of Mutaliq in the village of Abish Ahmad is among other attractions of this city. 
Muslims and tourists can visit the Kaleybar central mosque, Aynalu palace and the promenade of Qaleh Darrehsi. Aynalu in the heart of Arasbaran forest is a unique jungle trekking and nature trekking destination.
The local foods of East Azerbaijan are highly popular; they are meatball of Tabriz, Dolmeh, Omaj Ashi, Doymaj and Qayqanaq. Ko’keh is the local bread of this city that is sweet. 
The most famous souvenir of Kaeybar is blueberry. There are many blueberry trees in the jungles of this region. People make different kinds of sour products of blueberry like pickle, leather and dried blueberry. A blueberry and pomegranate festival is also held annually in Kaleybar. 
The music of Ashik is considered to be the Folklore music of this region. The nomads who live here have adhered to the traditional rituals in mourning and wedding and many people get married at a young age.


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