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Javanrud is a city in Kermanshah province located in 90km of the northwest of Karmanshah, the capital city of this province. This city shares land borders with Iraq to the west. Javanrud is also known as the city of Haft Qale’ (literary meaning seven castles) embraces so many historical castles. 
Javanrud has two counties and four rural districts. People are Sunni Muslims here who speak in Kordi language, Urami and Jafi dialects. Most of the people in Javanrud is occupied with agriculture and animal husbandry. 
The climatic conditions in Javanrud is mountainous temperate where the summers are temperate and winters are cold. Different trees like oak, oak apple, wild hawthorn, mountain sour cherry, mountain fig and mountain almond are grown in jungles and groves of Javanrud. There are many permanent and seasonal rivers in Javanrud the most famous of which are Sefid Barg and Lileh. The Sefid Barg river originates from the mountains in southeast of Paveh city that joins the Lileh river after passing from Sharvineh rural district. 
There exist many mountains and heights in Javanrud such as Sarmalekshah, Kesheh Kuh, Mamukran. Several mountains with more than 2000meters height have been placed in this city such as Sarmalekshah and Kuh-e Siah. 
Lush and beautiful villages are other visitable parts of Javanrud interesting among them are Drolla, Biashosh, Huriabad, Chashmeh Miran, Sharvine and Sar Rud-e Olia. The tourism regions of Sefid Barg and Helanieh are also amazing areas in Javanrud. 
Changis Khan castle located in the north of this city is one of the historical monuments of Javanrud. This castle was the leading center of Mongolian troops in front of which the Alani castle and Naqareh Khan are placed. Safi-ud-din-Khan hill is another historical monument of Javanrud. 
Kavat cave located in 15km of Javanrud is one of the natural tourism attractions of this city. The exact place of this cave is on the hillside of Shaho mountain. 
The border market of Javanrud is the other attraction of the city; It is the largest market in the west of Iran where you can find original inexpensive products with high quality. Kalash which is a kind of Giveh is the traditional shoes of Kord people produced locally as a significant handicraft. 


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