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استان مازندران
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Fereydoonkenar is located on the south bank of the Caspian Sea, between Babolsar and Mahmudabad from the south and, connected to Amol.

The average height of this plain city is about 12 meters above the sea level. The weather conditions of this city are temperate the same as the other northern cities. Fereydoonkenar consists of 2 parts named "Markazi", "Dehfary", one city and 4rural districts. Abundant rainfall, fertile lands and plains of this city has been made it a rice and beans cultivation land in Iran. There are multiple basins and numerous dams, woods and forests regions here; Caspian Sea temperate climate has made it one of the most exclusive winter habitats for beautiful birds, especially migratory Siberian Crane. Ornithological center of Fereydoonkenar wetland was constructed for the first time in the Middle East. The best Carp and Caspian kutum (the only species in the world and specifically in the Caspian Sea) are caught abundance in Fereydoonkenar and it is the largest and most popular market of the fish in Mazandaran.

Fereydoonkenar is one of the important coastal cities of Mazandaran province with the first private port. This city is an important passage in communication between east, west and south of Caspian Sea. Fereydoonkenar progressive development owes more to the business, farming, fishing, and hunting in this region.

One of the characteristics of FereydoonKenar in terms of tourism and passenger reception distinguished it from the other cities of province, in addition to natural potentials and tourist attractions, is the pristine and untouched beach in this city. Fereydoonkenar people speak with Mazandarani accent and the people of this city are followers of Shiite religion.

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