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Borujerd as a part of the northern mountainous region of Zagros is located in the northeast of Lorestan at the height of 1540 meters above the sea level. This region includes high mountains of Zagros in west and south, Silakhor plains in the center and interior foothills of the Zagros in east and north. Borujerd enjoys a cold mountainous climate with cold and snowy winter and temperate summers.

Borujerd consists of two parts named “Oshtorinan“,”Markazi“, two cities and 7 rural districts. This city is the second vast city after Khoramabad in Lorestan province.

Borujerd take its privileged position from its locating on the way of Tehran – Khuzestan and Kermanshah –Isfahan connecting roads. Geographical location with beautiful nature, historical monuments and valuable resources in the region, including multiple and rich mirages and vast plains, lush green valleys and some other beautiful landscapes have filled Borujerd of tourist attractions. Borujerd was known as Darolsorur in past years. Plenty of water and appropriate agricultural lands in this region are the factors of agriculture and industries prospered in this region. Various sand mines and decorative stones investment by different companies and factories have turned this city into one of industrial poles. Just the same as the other people in the west of Iran, Borujerd’s people are from Iranian races and their religion is Muslim, they are also the followers of Shia. The people of this city speak in Borujerdi dialect between Luri and standard Farsi. Different kinds of religious groups live in this city. Borujerd was the center of Sufism in the past and currently, Sufis region remains in Borujerd.

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