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Aligudarz is the forth populated city in Lorestan province dating back to 700 years ago. There exist several waterfalls and rivers around the city which make it to have high water level. People here are occupied with agriculture and making handicrafts.

Aligudarz is located in the mountainous region of Zagros. It has 152 km distance to Khorramabad and 393km to Tehran. Pachelak-e Gharbi and Khomeh rural districts is located in the central part, Zaz-e Gharbi, Sharghi and Mahru rural districts in the Zaz and Mahru part, Pishkuh-e Zalaqi, Zalaqi-e Sharghi and Gharbi in Zalaqi part, Borborud-e Gharbi and Farsesh village in Borborud-e Sharghi part and Borborud-e Gharbi and Cheshmeh Par in Borborud-e Gharbi.

The city is 2022meters higher than sea level. It shares land borders with Khomein, Mahallat and Arak to the north, with Dezful, Kuhrang and Fereydunshahr to the south, with Daran, Golpayegan and Khansar to the east, and with Doroud, Azna, Shazand, Borujerd and Khorramabad to the west. It has a temperate climate in spring and summer and climatic conditions become cold during autumn and winter.

Several factories have been established in Aligudarz; however, most of the people are occupied with producing handicrafts or agriculture. The language of most of the people in Aligudarz is Bakhtiari in Chahar Langi dialect.

The plain of Fritillaria in Dalani village is one of the biggest plains of Fritillaria in Iran which attract many tourists to this place every year. Moreover, the surrounding waterfalls are highly picturesque and full of water, such as Asar, Chekan, Varg, Tindar, Dorak, Chong Shane, Darreh Mahi and Berenjeh waterfalls.

The statue of stone lion has been installed in old cemeteries. Aligudarz is an interesting destination for mountain climbing. Tamandar mountain in Borborud-e Gharbi has two peaks namely Azna and Darreh Sar. Ghali Kuh is another destination, too.

The historical Bajool castle, Zaz and Mahru oak forest, Poshtkuh cave, Sad-e Hozian tourism village, Darreh Jari hunting ground, Shat Temi lake, Khan Abad lake, Sad-e Hozian lake and Mahichal river are among the tourism attractions of this place.

Kaloonak pottage is one of the delicious foods of Aligudarz which is cooked in the spring. Tarkhineh or Kashkineh pottage, apple stew, Qaleih Torsh stew and Porshkeh pottage.

The best souvenir of Aligudarz is honey and it is because of the live nature of this place. In addition, high-quality dairy products like Kashk, dough, Qare Qurut, grains, beans, salmon fish, carpet, wood carving, marquetry, kilim, Jajim products are made here in high quality. Noroz Khani and Shah Nameh Khani are two important rituals of Aligudarz people in Yalda Night.


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