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Sour soup


Sour soup (Persia: آش ترش, [Ash-Torsh]) is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Zanjan province, which of course, has been nationally registered. This popular food has been cooked in different parts of Zanjan in the past till now. It has been a custom that this soup is cooked and served when relatives, acquaintances, and friends gather together. This soup is cooked during the Safar (in the Islamic calendar) as a votive. The ingredients in this delicious food include minced meat, vegetable stew (leek-parsley-coriander-beet leaf-dill), chickpeas, beans, lentils, onions, noodles, dried apricots and plums, carrots, potatoes, dried cherries, nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios, Walnuts, dried mint, oil (preferably animal oil), salt, pepper and turmeric, vinegar, tomato paste, and garlic.
Due to the volume and type of raw materials used, this soup contains a mix of vitamins, and the use of apricots in this food is a good source of nutrients. It is therefore regarded as a complete food. This soup has many fans on the cold days of the year. Although fruit soup is also cooked in some provinces, the main composition and raw materials used in the sour soup make it one of the most famous dishes in this province in terms of taste. If you want to try this delicious dish, visit Zanjan and put the National Iranian Ash Festival on your travel plans list.

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