Sabzi Polo Semnani


Nourishing and spicy local foods of Semnan province are affected by climate conditions, the culture and the lifestyle of people in this desert region of Iran. The eating habits of people in this province show that Sabzi Polo is a popular cuisine cooked in most families of Semnan province with a few differences. Although, Sabzi Polo is usually served with fish in most of regions in Iran, its cooking method is different in Semnan. This local and traditional food is prepared through mixing rice, some kinds of vegetables (coriander, leek, dill, parsley etc.),  lentil, cowpea, meat, garlic, saffron, onion, salt and pepper along with such cucurbits as eggplant, tomato, beet, spinach etc. The pieces of meat, eggplant, tomato and other ingredients of food are laid between the rice layers and served after adding animal oil. The pleasant taste and smell of this food arises from its vegetables. Tah-dig of this food is highly thick and people in Semnan serve it just with mixture pickled or yogurt and green salad.

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