Khoresh-e Qeimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)


Khoresh-e Qeimeh is another delicious Persian classic dish, made of lamb, tomatoes, yellow split peas, and dried lime. If you travel to Iran during Muhharam, you’ll definitely find Khoresh-e Qeimeh served on a large communal scale for the religious ceremonies of Tasua and Ashura. 

There are two styles of Qeimeh stew: the classic Qeimeh Sibzamini which is qeimeh topped with crispy potato fries, and Qeimeh Bademjan which Qeimeh stew cooked with pan-fried long-cut eggplants. Like many other stews in Iran, the dish is served with Chelow (saffron steamed rice) or over Tahdig.


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