Kelane (Persian: کلانه) is a local and traditional bread in Kurdistan province. This bread is cooked in different cities of this province in spring. Of course, thanks to the facilities in this era, it is cooked in all seasons of the year. You can find this tasty bread in all seasons when you go to this region. Kelane is a 300-year-old food that not only the natives but also the tourists are its fan. Because it is easy to cook, kelane is known as the oldest fast food in the world.  And it does not have any disadvantages like regular fast food due to the natural and healthy ingredients in Kelane.
Kelaneh is a type of bread, but it is a full meal because of its nutritional value. The ingredients needed to make Kelane are dough from lavash (a type of bread) and vegetables. The vegetables used in this bread are mostly scallions, chives, and wild garlic. In the spring, when the mountain plants have sprouted from the soil, it has a different taste. To bake this bread, flat the lavash bread dough like a semi-circle, and pour some chopped onion and cannibal (a kind of local vegetable) on half of it. Then, turn the second semi-circle over the first one. Heat a saj, and place the dough on it with a special bread-baking pad. Saj is a large round metal device that looks like a large plate. This bread will be separated from the saj while being baked. It takes half an hour to prepare the ingredients and dough, and baking takes only ten minutes.
The flour used in Kelane is different from other industrial bread. It is a whole-wheat flour. Today, in addition to traditional houses and centers, industrial bakeries also bake this bread. This delicious bread also includes a mixture of vitamins: K, B, and C. Many people buy it for dinner or breakfast. People also buy them as souvenirs of the Kurdistan region. In addition to Kurdistan, it is cooked in the Kurdish regions of West Azerbaijan province (cities such as Bukan and Mahabad), and the way of baking is not different from Kurdistan province.


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