Halim (Haleem)


Halim (Persian: حلیم یا هلیم) is the name of a very delicious, nutritious and energetic food that is popular in Iran and some Middle Eastern countries. Halim is the name of food cooked from pelted wheat and meat. While cooking, Halim should be stirred constantly to get the signature elastic texture. Then oil and a kind of aromatic spices (mostly cinnamon) are poured on it. An interesting fact is that the name of this food means "Patience" in Persian, related to the background and the process of cooking. Chefs should deal with many difficulties in cooking and straining this food, and they should be patient to cook this food.

Regarding the recipe of Halim, the ingredients of this food are meat and pelted wheat. First, pelted wheat is drained and left to cook well. The meat is also placed in a separate pot with onions to cook well. Usually, the lamp is used. After cooking the meat, cooks pick it from bones and carve it. In the final step, cooks combine the meat with cooked wheat and add the required spices and leave it till the flavors truly married. Halim cooking takes about 8 to 10 hours. Iranian people serve Halim in various ways depending on their taste. Some people add sugar and cinnamon, and some people add salt. Some even taste it with sesame, syrup, or sarshir (Creamy Dairy Food). Today, in many cities, cooking halim with turkey meat is common, called turkey halim, and its color is lighter than the usual one.

Halim is not a type of food cooked daily in the home and is cooked in big ceremonies and rituals. Iranian people mostly cook and distribute Halim among the people as a Nazr (sharing free foods among the people), especially during the Muharram month. It is also common to cook Halim when people gather to pray for rain. In general, Halim is more commonly known as a breakfast meal prepared in restaurants. This delicious food is also a nutritious option for starting the fast and breaking the fast in Ramadan, thanks to its high nutritional values. It is worth knowing that Harisa food in Armenia and Gholour food in Afghanistan are very similar to Iranian Halim. In addition to Iran, this food is also cooked in some other Middle Eastern countries.

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