Khoresh-e Mast (Yogurt Stew)


Khoresh-e Mast or Yogurt Stew (Persian: خورشت ماست) is one of the popular local cuisines in Isfahan province, usually served cold before or after the main course. This dish is prepared with lamb neck. This delicious food has been provided in the celebrations and ceremonies of Isfahan since the past. To prepare this superb food, first of all, the lamb should be cooked. Then, the lamb is picked from bones and mashed in a copper dish until the mixture forms a paste-like texture. Mix the egg yolk with a lump of sugar and yogurt and put it on a gentle heat until it boils. After that, the mashed meat, brewed saffron, and rose water are added to it and left to fit. During the Qajar era (1789-1925), mashed meat was hacked, and Aniseed and roasted Nigella sativa were added to the ingredients along with the chopped walnuts. Khoresh-e Mast is usually designed with sliced ​​almonds, pistachios with barberry. 

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