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Traditional Clothes of Kurdistan Province

Traditional Clothes of Kurdistan Province

Kurdistan province is located in the south of west Azerbaijan province that reaches to Kurdistan region in Iraq and it is the neighbor of Zanjan, Hamedan and Kermanshah from inside. Most of people in this cold and mountainous province are Kurd and they speak in Sorani Kurdish language. The special Kurdish culture embraces some unique rituals, costumes, literature, music, language and very rich arts that can be interesting for all people in all around the world and their resistance on this identity is highly appreciated. The traditional and local clothing of this region is among the most beautiful traditional clothes in the world in so far as Kurd clothing has won several international prizes. The clothing of Kur men is totally named Chookh-o-Raanak consisting of two main parts: a plain woolen blouse named Chookh and pants named Ranak that is the famous Kurdish pants with tight legs. Kurd men tighten a stripped shawl around the waist that is about 10 meters and is named Poshtvin or Shawl. The older men tighten this shawl is such a way that three nodes are formed vertically in front. These nodes indicate three principal beliefs of Zoroastrianism that are good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Their headdress is named Sarvin that is a piece of fabric used instead of the hat. They usually wear Kelash. Sorani is a kind of separated sleeve that is tightened around the wrist or arm and usually used in Kurdish dance or in the past for hunting and mountain climbing. It is white and common among men and women alike. It is more popular in Marivan, Sanandaj and Kurdistan region in Iraq. Chopi is a decorated piece of fabric that is shacked in the right hand of the first person in dance group. The clothing of Kurd women is usually recognized as a dress with a short vest over it. The dress that is highly decorated is named Keras made of silk, lace, velvet, satin and guipure. Qua is another long vest made of guipure or royal fabric that is worn over the Keras in order to cover its back. In some cities such as Baneh, Saqqez and Mahabad, women tighten a woolen shawl around their waists and richer women apply some golden coins on the shawl. Kurd women wore a very beautiful scarf in the past named Sarvin along with Klav. The name of their vest is Kolanjeh (half sleeve) or Sukhmeh (sleeveless made of velvet). Kurdi Shovar is loose pants of women. They wear some shoes with a reverse tip in the past. Ferenji is another masculine clothing in form of a vest that was made of the pure wool in the past.


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