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Autumn Maranjab

Autumn Maranjab

Kashan, Arana and Bidgol


Day 1

When the warm season is over and the autumn starts the desert city of Kashan becomes increasingly enchanting; A pleasant weather that makes the opportunity of walking many hours in alleyways, old houses and bazar of Kashan. Visit Fin Garden before sunset to finish Kashan trekking in the best place.

Tabatabai House, Ameri House, Borujerdi House, Adel House, Morshedi House, Taj House or the same Kashan Artist’s Forum and Abbasiha House are among the attractions of Kashan that you should not miss them. Many old houses in Kashan have been converted into a hotel or hostel after restoration and reconstruction and that can make an unforgettable night for you.


Day 2

Leave Kashan for Nushabad. Nushabad has been recently more famous and the main reason for that is the underground city discovered there namely Ouyi. You need at least one hour for visiting this city and accompanying with the guide of the underground city to listen to his stories.

Leave this city for Aran and Bidgol and use your last opportunity for buying your necessary items for desert travel. It is about 50 kilometers dirty road from Arana and Bidgol to Maranjab Kavir or Maranjab caravanserai. Be careful not to exit the main road! The edge of the road is covered with sands and is highly dangerous.

You can stay in Maranjab caravanserai, however, for weekends and holidays it needs to prior booking.

You can go from caravanserai to Salt Lake or Sargardan Island camel riding or enjoy walking in sands. Watching the mirage in the Salt Lake and salt hexagons in the most extensive salt lake of Iran makes an unique experience for you.

Please note that Maranjab and its neighboring deserts are very far from the cities and there is no municipality around it and that is why the passengers must return their garbage to the city.

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