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Zaman Khan Bridge

Zaman Khan Bridge

Shahr-e kord

Zaman Khan Bridge

Clear Sky

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Zaman Khan Bridge is a historical bridge that has been built in the honor of one of the commanders of Qashqayi clan over Zayanderud River. This bridge is located twenty-two kilometers north of Shahrekord, the center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. It is thirty meters long and twelve meters tall.

Zaman Khan Bridge is one of the historical monuments of Saman Town. The bridge has two arches and has been built on three natural stone bases. There is a path from Iilbeigi village to one of the arches.

In the past, Zaman Khan Bridge was used as a passage for nomads and Qashqayi clan’s travels. This bridge was built by the order of Zaman Khan, the head of Nafar family from Ilbeigi clan. He was from a Turkish speaking clan of Qashqayi of Fars Province and one of the famous commanders of Safavid kings. Ilbeigi village was once among the travel destinations of Safavid kings.

What is seen today as the Zaman Khan Bridge is the result of many repairs and restorations during different periods. It was repaired one time by Safavid government and by the elders of Ilbeigi for two times. It was during the last phase of restorations that wall stone was built and added to the strength of the building.

The structure of Zaman Khan Bridge is very similar to those of Sassanid dynasty. Many consider this bridge to be similar to Dez Bridge in Dezful County.

The engineering science of the bridge is very spectacular, even today. It has two arches. The pier in the middle has rotated for thirty degrees from the axis of the flow of water. There are some windows built in the bridge to decrease the weight and prevent the destruction of the bridge.

The material used to build Zaman Khan Bridge is bricks. Using pointed barrel vaults along with plaster and Sarooj, which is a kind of water-resistant mortar, has led to the strength and duration of this structure. Also, the rock, on which the bridge has been built, acts as a base and prevents the force of Zayanderud River from damaging the bride.

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