Viastan Lake

Viastan Lake


Viastan Lake

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The Lake of Viastan in Barehsar is located near the mountainous city of Barehsar, Khorgam district, 56 kilometers to Rudbar county, Gilan province. It is one of the highlighted tourism regions in north of Iran. Espahbodan cave, Asiabrood waterfall, 1500 hectares of jungle landscapes and the protected area of Siahrood in the margin of Dorfak in Khorgam county are the main attractions of this region.

The Lake of Viastan in Barehsar, that is also locally called Barasar, spread over about four hectares of area. This lake is one of the pools of Khorgam region that is the result of water accumulation and boiling springs inside a hole that was created through an earthquake on the height of 1200-meter from sea level.

This lake is placed on the hillside and inside the jungle of willow, oak and beech trees so that the reflection of trees and mountains in the water makes a wonderful landscape. The lake is surrounded by the stone arrangement and it reaches to an earth road. In the east of the lake there are some countryside, pastures, bee hives, the trees of apple, walnut and pear and several villages like Tia and Dowsaledeh and Chahar Mahal village is also placed in the west. As the temperature reduces in the winter, the surface water of this natural pool is frozen, the straws are dried up and fishes, that are commonly red, go into the depth of water. In three other reasons of the year, tourists walk around the lake and you can see the smoke of firewood that is reflected in the water of the lake like a thin line and this scene is especially picturesque and eye-catching during the autumns.

There are many various species of animals living in the surrounding areas of the Viastan Lake of Barehsar in Gilan province that would make your visit a memorable experience. Interesting among them are boar, fox, weasels, and birds such as partridge, dove, See-see partridge and quail. The plant species in this area consist of straw, raspberry, hawthorn, viper’s-buglosses, mountain tulip and Liquorice that grow around the lake of Viastan in Barehsar.

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