The Tehran Kooshk Mansion

The Tehran Kooshk Mansion


The Tehran Kooshk Mansion

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The architecture features of some mansions are so remarkable that they change that building to a piece of art; The Tehran Kooshk (Kiosk, Pavilion) mansion, also known as Shaghaghi House, is one of these monuments.

If you continue to the east of Ferdowsi Square, you will reach to Amir Soltani Street in Enghelab Street. Search and find the guideboard of Mahnaz alley, however, it is known as Kooshk (Kiosk, Pavilion). There is a beautiful Mansion in the corner of the alley. You can also go to the Ferdowsi Street and continue toward Jomhouri Avenue, enter Taghavi Street and find the mansion on the corner of the alley.

The dates of Shaghaghi back to the beginning of Pahlavi the first. In addition to Iranian architectural signs, it is inspired by European style. After being back from Germany, Hosein Shaghaghi decided to stay in his country, he started to build the mansion and call it Kooshk.

Hosein Shaghaghi was chief director of Iran Ministry of Roads & Urban Development. Before the Islamic revolution, Hosein Shaghaghi sold the house to a foreign company, Mandala and Kandlis. It is the reason that some know this mansion as a Mandala mansion. After the Islamic revolution, the creditors seized it. Finally, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran bought it in 1364 AH.

Nowadays, the study center for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in western and central Asia reside here. This center works under the supervision of UNESCO and the mansion was registered in the Iranian national heritage list.

Located inside the green space, the mansion has an oval plan and an attractive façade. The façade is decorated by brickwork, stucco, and trelliswork. Some wide steps join the area to the entrance of the building.

Kooshk mansion included a basement, ground level, first floor, pergola, six bedrooms, five halls, and a workroom. Its kitchen was modern and there was an oven there. Unfortunately, it cannot open to all.

There is also another mansion in north Sa’adi Street which is also called Shaghaghi mansion. It has Pahlavi the first architectural style; high columns and white façade which reach the roof. It belongs to Dr. Siavash Shaghaghi, son of Hosein Shaghaghi, and it is a museum for Under Glass Painting.

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