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Tehran Jurassic  and Spider Park

Tehran Jurassic and Spider Park


Tehran Jurassic and Spider Park

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The Jurassic and Spider Park complex in Tehran is a fun, exciting, and at the same time, a scientific place to travel to the world of the biggest and smallest animals. Jurassic Park was first developed in 1990 by Michael Crichton, an American physician, and author, to refer to the island where dinosaurs were rebuilt. Tehran Jurassic Park is the first theme park in Iran to introduce dinosaur species and has not been built anywhere in the country.
Here you can get acquainted with the world of different insects and their physiology and anatomy. Jurassic Park was put into operation in early March 2014 in the Saadat-Abad area of western Tehran. This complex is ready to provide services to esteemed clients in the two sections of Jurassic Park and Spider Park or Insect Park.
In the Jurassic Park section, giant sculptures of dinosaurs are made in exact size.  With multi-dimensional cinema and other modern technologies reconstruct the world of these animals for us. This spatial reconstruction was done with movement, sound, lighting. Also, the birth process of a baby dinosaur was animated. In the Spider Park section, 20 different insects are introduced, which are presented through moving sculptures in large dimensions with details.
The Jurassic complex of Tehran is a good place for walking and having fun in all seasons, although; during Nowruz and pleasant spring days, the experience of visiting this park will be much more memorable. Also, summer is the best time to visit due to the greenery of the park. In the fall, you will experience a colorful and dreamy world with dinosaurs and insects. Jurassic Park is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm and is closed only on public holidays.
There are several ways to travel to Tehran's Jurassic Park. If you want to come here by car, it is enough to get to one of the highways, Yadegar Imam or Chamran, wherever you are in Tehran, to reach the Saadat-Abad area. In this park, there is enough space for parking, and there is no need to worry. If you decide to come to Jurassic Park by public transport, buses passing through Sanat Square will take you to Saadat-Abad. There are many taxis in important squares (Vanak, Azadi, Argentina, etc).  The other low-cost option is to use Metro Line 7 and get off at Meydan-Sanat station. However, on this route, you have to take a bus or taxi after getting off the subway. Jurassic Park complex is in the Shaghayegh Boulevard, Behroud Square, Pak-Nejad Boulevard, Kaj Square, Saadat-Abad area. If you go to the Saadat-Abad area, you can visit other parks in this area, including Saadat-Abad Park and Parvaz Park.

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