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Tehran Birds Garden

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If you live in Tehran or have traveled to Tehran, you can see different birds in the Tehran Birds Garden. Tehran Birds Garden is located in the northeast of Tehran in the middle of the Lavizan forest with clean air. This garden has two phases. The first phase involves birds that are kept in cages. The second phase, however, is located in the northern part where birds can fly. For this reason, these birds are in a net that allows them to fly but prevents them from leaving space. This phase of Tehran Bird Garden has an area of more than 6 hectares.
If you are eager to know what awaits you in the bird garden, it can be said that one of the most exciting parts of it is the welcome of talking parrots at the beginning of entering. First, you will see birds such as pigeons, parrots, roosters, and the like. The entrance to the garden is located at the highest part of it, allows you to see the whole, and of course, the large cage, which has become the home of various eagles, can be seen from this entrance. Beautiful paths are designed inside the bird garden, which is full of trees and flowers, and this beauty makes walking enjoyable for you. Go to Tehran Birds Garden to see pheasants, peacocks, pelicans, flamingos, and more than 200 other species of birds in Iran. Do not miss the nearby waterfalls and large ponds around the bird garden. Remember also that in the design of Tehran Birds Garden, the nomadic tents and similar elements in traditional Iranian architecture have been used. There are pavilions and benches for relaxation in this garden.
The Bird Garden complex has parking lots and van service. To use these facilities, you need to pay a fee separate from the cost of entering the bird garden. Walking in Tehran Birds Garden requires a minimum of 2 to 3 hours, but it is hard to get rid of this garden and its beauties. It does not matter what season you choose to go there, it is beautiful in all four seasons of the year, although due to its location in the Lavizan forests and the cool air of the area, it is more enjoyable to walk in the summer. We recommend you to visit and have fun in Tehran Police Park, Sepahshahr Forest Park, Shian Lavizan Forest Park, and Sangi Park if you go to the park from the northeast. 
There are several ways to go to Tehran Birds Garden. If you include a personal car tour in your plan, you can go to the northeast of Tehran, reach Kuhistan Street then visit the garden. Having a parking lot will take you away from worrying about the right place for your car. If you choose public transportation to go to the Bird Garden, keep in mind that there is no subway near the Tehran Birds Garden. The closest metro to this garden is the newly established metro station on line 3 of Tehran metro and Golbarg metro station on line 2 of this metro. You can then use the bus or taxi to get to the Bird Garden.

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