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Shurmast Lake

Shurmast Lake


Shurmast Lake

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Few Clouds





For those looking for a quiet and untamed place, Shurmast Lake (Persian: دریاچه شورمست) in Mazandaran province is an excellent choice. Shurmast Lake is the only lake in Savadkuh, located 200 km from Tehran (the capital of Iran), south of Mazandaran province and 6 km west of Pol-e Sefid city. Shurmast Lake is 15 meters deep. A third of it is shallow and covered with moss and algae. The area of Shurmast Lake is 15,000 square meters. The lake, which overlooks alder trees, is located at an altitude of 940 meters above sea level. Shurmast Lake is surrounded by dense forests with diverse vegetation, which has given breathtaking beauty.

To reach this lake from Tehran, move on Firoozkuh road to Qaemshahr city. 65 km after Firoozkuh and Veresk bridge, you will get Pol-e Sefid city. Then, continue towards Shurmast village. After going about 5 km on Pol-e Sefid road to Shurmast village, reach the crossroads; Choose the left path to reach Shurmast lake. You will get this beautiful lake after traveling 200 km for about 3 hours. Also, you can get to this beautiful area by bus, train, or plane. If you want to visit this lake by train, it is enough to get off the Tehran-Sari train at Pol-e Sefid station and take the rest of the way to the lake by taking a taxi or walking. Going to Sari by plane is another way to reach Shurmast Lake.

The climate of this region is four seasons. This area is both forested and mountainous. The cool air of summer is exhilarating, and in winter, the view of the white mountains (covered with snow) refreshes visitors. The weather condition of the Savadkuh region has caused clouds and fog around Shurmast Lake more often than not, increasing the beauty of the lake. The existence of vegetation in this area has made the space around the lake look green in all seasons. Although Shurmast Lake is spectacular in winter, the best time to visit Shurmast is spring and May, when the beauty of the nature around the lake reaches its peak where is suitable for camping. You can also visit this lake during September when the weather is less warm, and the natural scenery around the lake is more pleasant. However, whenever you choose to travel to Shurmast Lake, wear suitable clothes, and keep in mind that the temperature is often colder than elsewhere.

Near Shurmast Lake, amenities are also available, including restaurants, shops, restrooms, and parking spaces in the area around Shurmast Lake. Tourists are charged to enter by car. Fishing, boating and water skiing, swinging, horseback riding, and cycling are some of the activities used while visiting Shurmast Lake. If you love walking, you can walk through the forests around the lake. Swimming in this lake is forbidden to save people's lives.

Attractions near the lake include the historical Lajim Tower, Kangelo Castle, the Khorva and Narva Rock Mountains, the limestone waterfall, and the beech forest, which can be visited. For accommodation, you can use the resorts around the lake, like the Savadkuh and Pol-e Sefid eco-tourism resorts, and thus see other beauties around the lake. You can also use the rooms and cottages around the lake for accommodation in the area. There is also the possibility of camping around the lake. Besides, local people in the village also rent affordable housing to visitors for a short time. The equipment needed to travel to Shurmast Lake and visit this beautiful lake are all camping equipment.

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