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Rahim Abad Historical Garden

Rahim Abad Historical Garden


Rahim Abad Historical Garden

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Historical Garden of Rahim Abad is a very beautiful Persian garden that is located in Birjand, the center of South Khorasan Province. There is a large mansion with different sections in the garden. It has been built by the order of Esmail Khan in 1315 SH and has two stories.  This complex is among the popular tourist destinations of Birjand.

The history of this garden goes back to the Zand dynasty. However, this complex has been repaired during the final years of Qajar and early years of Pahlavi dynasties, and new sections have been added to it. In other words, what we see in this garden today mostly reminds us of the architecture style of late Qajar and early Pahlavi.

In 1380 SH, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran purchased this mansion and garden complex from Mostazafan Foundation. It became a cultural center since then. Today some of the offices of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of South Khorasan are located in this complex, and some part of it is no longer tourist sites.

Talar-e Ayeneh or Mirror Hall is built on the second story of the mansion and is one of the most beautiful sections of it. A great number of ornaments decorate this room such as stucco works in the form of sculptures of animals. In addition, pieces of mirrors have been used as decoration. The plan of this building has been designed to include numerous doors so that there is easy access to all the rooms.

Other parts of the Emarat Garden complex include Hozkhaneh, bath, stables, guard towers, Kolah Farangi mansion, and service rooms.

There are two main roads in this complex and the mansion has been built in their cross. There is a water pool in front of the mansion. Most parts of the landscapes of Emarat Garden has been formed by trees such as pine, Armenian plum, and Barberry. This complex was registered as a national heritage of Iran in 1379 SH.

The historical garden of Rahim Abad is located in Birjand, Pasdaran Street, close to the Shohadaye Gomnam Park.

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