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Otagh Aeine (Mirror Room)

Otagh Aeine (Mirror Room)

Shahr-e kord

Otagh Aeine (Mirror Room)

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





This house with 140 years antiquity is one of the most magnificent houses related to the Qajar era in Shahr-e Kord. Its alcove architecture is crossover which was common in the Qajar residential architecture. The mirror room is a part of a big edifice belonged to Mahmoudieh family consisting of Barband, Miansara (the central yard of the building), courtyard, backyard, warehouses and the rooms decorated with mirror.

Most parts of this building destroyed in Pahlavi II era and just the places known as Mirror Hall, the near rooms, a part of north yard and its backyard has been remained. Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Association of Calligraphers is currently established there.

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