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Ostad Shahriar Museum

Ostad Shahriar Museum

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Ostad Shahriar Museum is one of the main museums of Tebriz city, located in Maghsoudieh, one old district in the city. The building is related to Pahlavi II rule and it is the previous residence of Mohammad Hossien Shahriar, the Iranian poet from Azerbaijan Province who composed poetry in Farsi and Turkish Azeri languages. 

The house of Ostad Shahriar was bought is 1367 S.H. after his death, by municipality of Tabriz and it is currently administered by this organization. The building with more than 241m2 built up area and approximately 250m2 total area was built in two stories. More than 500 items and the personal items of the owner such as books, notebooks, papers on which his poetries have been written in his script and a Quran in Naskh script as well as different memorials, domestic and foreign gifts have been exhibited in the house of this Tabriz poet. The museum is located in the basement of the building housing the photos and pictures of Ostad Shahriar, an audiovisual room and a section dedicated to the guests and visitors to rest. The upper section, which is in fact the main and the older part of the literary museum of Shahriar includes a section for old documents, photos, drafts, personal items such as cloths, books, bed, stationery, the reception room in the main house, gifts and statuses. In addition, there exist the famous Setar of Ostad Shahriar and his Nastaliqe writings exhibited to the public.

It also should be stated that Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, known as Shahriar, Agha Seyyed Ismail Mousavi’s son, known as Haj Mir Agha Khoshknabi was born in 1325 A.H. (on Shahrivar 1286 S.H.) in Mirza Nasr Allah Bazar in Tabriz and died on shahrivar 27, 1367 S.H. after several years of illness and buried in the cemetery of poets (Maghbare al-Shoara). Due to his death in this day, Shahrivar 27 is considered to be the Iranian Poetry and Literature Day. The greatest work of Ostad Shahriar is Divan-e Asha’ar in Farsi and Azeri the most famous among which is the book of Heydar Babaya Salam

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