Niruye Yazdan Zorkhaneh

Niruye Yazdan Zorkhaneh


Niruye Yazdan Zorkhaneh

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Zorkhaneh is a place for traditional sports with special customs and rules for men in Iran mostly constructed in the Alleys of the city.

The entrance of the Zorkhaneh is smaller than the usual entrances that leads the people come to this place in the humility pose.

The roof of the Zorkhaneh is tall and dome shaped similar to the temples and mosques. Zorkhaneh ring is a place to perform the exercises which is octagonal and lower than the ground of Zorkhaneh hall. There is a place to seat the onlookers and special place for sports equipment around the Zorkhaneh ring. Also, Sardam is a pure and respectable place for Morshed (the Master of the Zorkhaneh) who states the customs and rules of the Zorkhaneh sitting there and overlooking the Zorkhaneh ring.

Not only the rules of war and defense, but also the tradition of champion and morality is learned in the Zorkhaneh ring.

Niruye Yazdan Zorkhaneh is one of the old Zorkhaneh with antiquity about 100 years which has been repaired in recent years.

The founder of it was Ali Ghadar Khan in the past and currently Sirus Ghadar Khan is the manager. The conditions of this Zorkhaneh were not suitable due to the building burnout, but it has completely been repaired after two years of closure.

Some famous champions such as Takhti have been the members of this Zorkhaneh. Champion customs and Zorkhaneh rituals of Iran have been registered on UNESCO list.

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