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Naseri Castle

Naseri Castle


Naseri Castle

Scattered Clouds

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Naser ol-Dowleh Farmanfarma, one of the rulers of Kerman and Baluchestan during Qajar dynasty, ordered for a military castle to be built in the city Iranshahr and named it after himself. Following the approval of Naser al-Din Shah, Ostad Hosein Memarbashi was called from Kerman to Iranshahr in 1264 SH to begin the construction of this castle. It took seven years to build Naseri Castle and then it was turned into the governmental office of Baluchestan.
Naseri Castle, known as Dost Mohammad Khan Castle during the last years of Qajar, was once more turned into a governmental office. When Reza Khan gained more power and his central government was settled, his army attacked Baluchestan under the commandment of Senior General Amanullah Jahanbani. 
When Pahlavi took the throne, and even during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, this castle remained a military base and later was used as a school. After the Iranian Revolution, the castle remained vacant for a while, and was gradually ruined. Unfortunately, a great part of it was ruined by 1361 SH and only the gateway and the fence next to it remained. Even though not much of the internal structure exists today, the decorative bricks of the portal and the towers next to two sides of the gateway are still standing.
Ostad Hosein Memarbashi has used cob bricks, clay and bricks to make the castle. It should be mentioned that a land as big as seven thousand and five hundred square meters were considered for the structure of Naseri Castle. More than one hundred and fifty rooms such as stable, Howz Khaneh, storage, bathhouse, barracks, and offices for the rulers were designed in the structure of this castle. Also as decorations, upper parts of it had geometric and diamond ornates. The portal of the tower had masterful brickwork. The result of all these was that Naseri Castle reminded the visitor of Arg-e Bam, the largest adobe building in the world.
After Bampur Castle, Naseri Castle is the most important citadel of this region. Today, it is the host of visitors who travel to Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

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