Miankaleh Lagoon

Miankaleh Lagoon


Miankaleh Lagoon

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In a time that the main part of the northern coasts of Iran is damaged and there are few pristine coasts in the northern provinces, there can still be found a sand beach without any villa and construction in the extreme eastern part of these coasts.  

Mainakaleh lagoon, one of the most original coastal points of Caspian Sea, is the host of many birds that choose this place as a safe shelter for a while every year.

Mainakaleh lagoon is a protected area in the north of Behshahr which has been inscribed on the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

This lagoon is one of the best places for nature trekking and watching the birds. Most of birds migrate here from the northern parts of Russia and Siberia during autumns and winters in order to spend the cold seasons in a settlement with temperate weather. Different species of birds are observable in Miankaleh lagoon such as flamingo, swans, coot, Eurasian teal, pelican, grey heron and pheasant.

In order to better-observing birds you should take a binocular to Minakaleh. However, observing the free horses is one of the other attractions of Minakaleh wildlife.

One of the most important herbs is the peninsula of Miankaleh is wild pomegranate that forms a large Anarestan- field of pomegranate trees- in this region. These fruits that are mostly sure are transferred into the sauce that is among the most delicious edibles of Miankaleh in autumns along with the wild raspberries.

Diversity in Minakaleh peninsula will make you wondered! So that by moving from the lagoon toward the coast some sand hills appear which connect the sea to the desert.

The scene of sunset is a unique picture in Miankaleh that cannot be forgotten.

In order to visit the area of Minakaleh lagoon you have to get entrance permission from the Environmental Protection Agency of Mazandaran province and Behshahr City. However, if you are traveling with a tour group you don’t need to do that independently; because they have already gotten permission.

If you are going to see Miankaleh in its best conditions, spring is the best time to travel. But if you want to visit the birds, winter is the best choice. Autumn is also the season of ripening pomegranate and raspberry.

To reach Minkaleh you must first go to Behshahr and proceed to Amir Abad road; turn east in three ways of Amirabad, after passing through Zaqmarz.

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